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Lucas Family PhotoGreg's priorities are family and community

Greg is a longtime resident of our community who understands our needs and issues. He’s been a lifelong hunter and is an avid NRA member, instructor, coach and recruiter. He and his wife Rose reside in Edinboro with their son Zach.


A successful small businessman

Greg owned and operated his own general contracting business for thirty years. He has proven experience at developing budgets, controlling costs and creating jobs. Greg is a proven local elected official who has protected taxpayers. As the Mayor of Edinboro and as a councilman, Greg helped balance budgets, eliminate debt and prioritize spending while providing vital services to local residents

Record of being a reformer in Harrisburg and a fiscal conservative

Now serving in the State House of Representatives, Greg has a proven record of how he will represent our community's voices and lead in Harrisburg. He voted to eliminate the inheritance tax, which was an undue burden on families and local businesses. He has voted for strong reforms such as reducing the size of the legislature. Greg has also passed on time state budgets without increasing taxes, reducing debt and investing more in education than ever before.   


“After years of out-of-control spending, debt and taxes, we need common sense priorities so families and seniors can keep more of their money, education is properly funded and local businesses can begin hiring again.”

Spark Economic Growth to Create Jobs

Make Pennsylvania Competitive


Government bureaucracy continues to be a major reason why companies find it difficult to create jobs in our state. This is especially true when it comes to our business taxes, which are among the highest in the country. We must make Pennsylvania’s business tax and regulatory structure competitive with other states to stop employers from leaving and encourage new employers to settle here. This is why I’ve voted for bills like eliminating the inheritance tax on small businesses and supported start-up dedication to help new businesses grow.

Quality Education to Prepare Our Workforce for the Future


I will focus money on the classroom and on students to ensure a quality education for our children while making certain that teachers have the tools they need to succeed. My wife and I chose to send our son Zach to local public schools and to a state university. I understand and support the need for a quality education. That’s why I voted in Harrisburg to invest more in education that ever before

Secure Tomorrow’s Jobs...Today


One of my major priorities in Harrisburg has been supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who drive our economy. That’s why I’ve voted to invest in startup businesses and give them a tax deduction to get off the ground floor to have a chance on being successful.

Rein in Out-of-Control Government Spending


I promise to support only real balanced state budgets to bring fiscal sanity to the budget process in Harrisburg. I voted for an on time budget that didn’t increase taxes and reduced debt in our state. I will continue my promise of holding the line on taxes and spending in Harrisburg.

Reform Harrisburg


As a State Representative, I have been fighting for real reform by standing up to the special interests and career politicians. I voted to reduce the size of the legislature so tax dollars aren’t spent on more expensive state offices/staff but invested back into the communities we are supposed to represent. I’ve kept my promise to voters who elected me to the State House to drive my own car. I’ve chosen pay to pay for a portion of my health care just like we all do. I’m representing my constituents 100% of the time and will not hold another job so I keep my time and focus solely on those I represent.

Pro-life and Strong supporter of the Second Amendment


I am pro-life and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In Harrisburg, I will stand up to the politicians – including those of my own party – who would try to weaken our state’s abortion laws or take away the rights of gun owners

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